Discover How to Confidently Nail Your Pageant Interview!
This online course is designed to guide you step-by-step through the 4 steps of pageant interview preparation so you know what to expect, stand out from the others, and communicate exactly what you want to the judges.
In this Online Course, You'll Discover How to...
  • Lead Your Interview - so you'll connect with the judges and leave a powerful impression
  • Gain Confidence with Your Answers - so you can rest assured that you said what you meant and meant what you said
  • Anticipate What They'll Ask You - so you are prepared to show your best self and never caught off-guard
  • Identify What YOUR Greatest Qualities are  - so you can clearly communicate why you are the best choice as the winner of the pageant
  • Know What to Expect in the Interview Room from a Judge's Perspective - so you'll be comfortable in any setting that's thrown at you
Module 1:
Set Your Foundation
  • Discover Your Core Values,  "Fantastic 5 Star Qualities", Personal Themes, and Mission Statement to position you as unique among the other contestants
  • Ask the right questions of the Director and former titleholders to analyze if this pageant is one you have a good shot at winning
  • Detect what the pageant isn't saying by examining their website with the Web Review guide to know what their looking for
  • Identify your 3 Key Interview Topics that must be communicated to every judge
Module 2: 
Plan Your Answers
  • Lead Your Interview using strategies to control the path and direction of your questions
  • Get over 100 Real Pageant Interview Questions to better anticipate and prepare your answers
  • Learn the psychology behind how the judge's choose a winner 
  • Use your answers to connect the judge's question to a new question you want to answer next
  • Develop cohesive stories that relate to your greatest skills to entertain and engage the judges
  • Learn the 2-step strategy to answer controversial questions
Module 3: 
Prepare to Dazzle
  • Write your paperwork to develop curiosity and lead your interview
  • Prepare an opening and/or closing statement that can be used in interview, media, appearances, and among other contestants to exemplify your purpose and personal platform behind your quest for the title
  • Impress the judges and display immediate capability with the format and readability of your pageant paperwork
  • Build rapport with your judges through captivating story-telling and depth over breadth
Module 4: 
  • Create before and after interview rituals that elevate your communication skills and support your performance in all areas of competition
  • Learn the best ways to practice interview on your own and throughout your day-to-day life
  • Get a template for mock interview with customizable email templates, judges' feedback forms and tips so you can do quality mock interviews
  • Understand how to score yourself in pageant interview so you can see where you stand and improve your game each time
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About Your Coach, Alycia...
#1  I’ve been competing in pageants for over 12 years...
…and I’ve got what it takes to prepare for a delivery a confident interview down to a science. I’ve competed in a variety of pageant systems from Miss America and Miss USA to Galaxy and International. I’ve won awards in every area of competition including Interview, Talent, Evening Gown, and Fun Fashion. 
#2 I’m an award-winning speaker and tv host...
 …and have presented on topics such as “How to Leave a Lasting Impression” and “Discovering Your Unique Qualities” from the stages of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to San Francisco and Los Angeles. I've appeared on PopSugar, OK! Magazine and the Steve Harvey Show.
#3 When I competed in my first pageant several years ago, I had a really hard time being confident in the Interview. ...
... I tried all of the old tricks like researching the judges, imagining them naked, and practicing questions until my lips turned blue - it was awful. I struggled busting my buns for years and still I got nervous every single time I even thought of the interview. Right when I was ready to quit, I took one last change and decided to try something totally new in the way I prepared for my interview. That was when everything changed for me. 
#4 Since then I’ve become obsessed with how to connect deeply with each judge on the panel no matter what type of pageant system I compete in. ...
... I’ve honed in on what really works and not only deliver an incredible interview for myself, but I’ve taught thousands of other women how to do it for their own pageant. 
What Others Say About Alycia...
"I have a plan for what I'm going to do with this title. It makes me feel good that I'm actually able to say that I am ready for this title, because in the past I would never have been ready even for a state title."
~ Amanda
"I competed in the same system last year and I thought I knew they weren't looking for anything. I learned so much about the psychology behind it.
I'm 100% more confident."
~ Sam
"I love everything. It's just so helpful... I was on 1.3 of module 1 and I'm like,
'I would've been good with just this!"
"The knowledge I've gained from you transformed my platform into something so big, so beyond me, that not only did it give me the competitive edge I needed in the pageant, but now it will positively affect more people than I ever dreamed possible!" 
~ Candice McCool, 
USA Petite Mrs.
"Coaching with Alycia was an amazing, eye-opening experience. She provided me with creative new ideas, taught me how convey my thoughts effectively in the interview room, and built up my self-confidence. I couldn't have achieved the things I did without her." 
~ Samantha Medaise,
American Royal Beauties Teen
“I love you and everything that you have done for me. You are a part of my dream team. You have instilled something special in me, and I would not change it for the world! You have opened my eyes to a completely different lifestyle; I am grateful for that.” 
~ Kristina Marinkovich,
Ms. US Universal
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If for any reason The Pageant Interview Game Plan does not increase your confidence and performance after you've completed all of the lessons, Play Book, and homework assignments, simply email us within 30-days and we'll issue a 100% refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions...
1. Who is this program for?
The Pageant Interview Game Plan is designed for adult women who are willing to grow, learn, and develop and ready to put in the time to take their pageant interview to the next level. It works well for someone seeking a step-by-step guide for their very first pageant AND for the woman that has competed in the past and now she's ready to take her game to a whole new level of performance (even the national or international stage)

2. How long will this program take?
It is designed to take 4 weeks, spending about two-three hours per week. You may be able to accelerate your time through the program or you could take your time if you have more time before your pageant. You have unlimited access, so you can go at your own pace.

3. How long do I have inside the program?
When you join, you'll have unlimited access to the content. That means that as long as the program exists you'll be able to log in. There's no rush to the finish line, so go at your own pace - as fast or slow as you'd like.

4. I have a coach. Do I need this program?
If your coach is already working through a strategy with you that has proven to work for others, then this program would be an appropriate compliment. Many coaches make up the agenda as they go, so there is not necessarily a learning system or expected outcomes. This program will give you and your coach a framework from which to work and evaluate your progress.

5. Can I share my login info with a friend, director, coach, etc?
No. While you're heart is in the right place (sharing), but that wouldn't be very honest nor noble of you (stealing). Instead, if you love the program and think they may, let them know and they may be interested in getting in, too. Plus, you will get locked out of the system if you login from more than 2 IP addresses. 

6. How does the refund policy work?
If you've done all of your homework (filled out the full Play Book, recorded the audio mock interview and a real-life mock interview, and done all the other exercises) and you still aren't feeling like the program has helped you, then write me an email following the refund instructions and I'll refund you your investment in the course.  You can read the full refund policy here.

7. Does this course cover current events?
You'll learn a strategy for addressing current events (especially the ones you don't know about), but this course does not give any specific information regarding actual news topics. Instead, you learn how to address all types of topics even without watching the news or reading the paper regularly.

8. How is this different from other courses?
This is the only course that guides you step-by-step through a proven interview system and provides all the components you need to be successful over and over again. Other trainings may provide tips and insights, but only the Pageant Interview Game Plan gives you a strategy to prepare for your interview.

9. Can I join later?
The Pageant Interview Game Plan opens it's doors to new members only a few times throughout the year. When enrollment ends this month, you'll have to wait until the next round of open enrollment to join the program. The price may increase as the program is improved for each enrollment period.

Who This Course is For (and not for)...
This Course is BEST For:
  • Adult Women - who are willing to dive into personal development and ready to stretch their ideas, grow their insights, and prepared to learn new ideas through lessons, guides, and activities. 
  • Someone just starting from scratch needing a step-by-step guide or a seasoned veteran ready to level-up her game to the national or international stage. 
  • Scholarship & Beauty Pageant Contestants - the content has a focus on individual development and pursuit of high-level goals, which apply to contestants in both beauty and scholarship pageants that have an interview component. 
  • Hard-working, A-playing, Go-Getters - this course will not be easy. It will be fun, but it will require some effort to accomplish your goals. It is designed for the woman that is ready to put in the time and effort to put these strategies to work in her life and in her pageant. 
  • Interview Competition - this full course focuses on Interview. It's a deep-dive into the preparation for this phase of competition. 
This Course is Not Recommended For:
  • Children under age 14 - the content of this course is college-level and may be too advanced for a child who hasn't had life experiences of a teen and older. 
  • Men - the course is specifically geared toward women contestants and leverages the unique qualities and circumstances that women face in pageantry. 
  • Fitness competitors - this course is designed for pageants which have a percentage of the score come from interview competition. It does not address physical symmetry nor muscle tone as in fitness contests. 
  • Crown Chasers- this course will take a lot of work and will not be easy, especially for someone that sees only as far as the crown. 
  • Comprehensive Coaching - the course is specific to interview training and although some training is available on other areas of competition and we can help with all phases inside the Facebook Group, it will not go into depth on other phases of competition. 
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